Lovesick Season 2 Review

Around two years ago, I was sitting at home, bored, and scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch. It was a dead time in the typical shows I watch, so I was up for just about anything. That's when I saw the title "Scrotal Recall" and thought to myself, "well, I gotta find out what that's about". It was one of the better decisions I've made.  

The first season was a run of 6 half hour episodes that debuted on the BBC. It followed the story of Dylan, who recently got the news that he has Chlamydia and that he should contact everyone he's had sex with over the last 6 years so they can be tested as well. Each episode was the story of one specific girl and the relationship that led to them potentially also contracting said Chlamydia. All the while, Dylan harbors feelings for his best friend, and parttime roommate, Evie; who is in a committed relationship herself. It was a fantastic season that didn't get enough attention, which led me to believe the show was doomed. 

Two years later and Netflix has revived the show (God Bless Netflix), albeit with a new, worse name. I understand the change from Scrotal Recall to Lovesick, but it's still a bummer. Scrotal Recall was such a fantastic name that immediately drew attention to it; whereas Lovesick could be just another, run-of-the-mill "Rom-Com". Nonetheless, after months of perusing message boards and periodically Googling "Scrotal Recall Season 2", here we are, and this time with 2 more episodes than the first season. 

The name may have changed, but the same charm, heart, and humor that completely hooked me from the first season is back. These characters are all so relatable and so lovable that you can't help but be hooked.

The show has a couple comparisons to another widely loved show in How I Met Your Mother. Dylan is the hopeless romantic. Each girl he meets, he falls in love with rather quickly (which is a running joke with his best mate Luke). It's equal parts hilarious and sad to watch as he gets crushed with each failed relationship. Much like Ted. Luke is the womanizing type. The friend that never wants to settle down, instead opting to make every night memorable and go home with a different girl each night. Until we learn a bit more about his character and realize there's a deeper aspect to him. Which would be Barney. Evie is the beautiful best friend who's "one of the guys", although she secretly (sometimes not so secretly) also loves Dylan. Hello Robin.

But these characters are so much more than a ripoff/copy of that show. In many cases, they're written much better, portrayed in a better light. They hold similiarties in character, but that's it. There seems to be more depth, more heart given to these characters.  

It's this depth and this heart that set this show apart from many, if not most, of its peers. The comedy is always spot on, never going over the top or missing it's mark.  The realistic ways the characters are written brings some gravitas to the show. It never speaks down to the audience, instead believing that we're intelligent enough to keep up with everything that's going. That's not to say this is an overly complicated show. I mean, it's about a guy with Chlamydia who has to contact his previous flings; but it has more heart than almost any other show I've seen with this kind of premise. You genuinely root and care about these characters, I can't stress that enough. 

The music is yet another standout for the show. Each track is perfectly picked and masterfully placed, never taking precedent over what the show is trying to say, but giving it that extra kick to take the scene up a notch. Few shows handle these moments this well. More often than not, it seems, shows pick popular songs of the time to highlight big moments because of the sound, rather than what the song is trying to say. Lovesick nails it. Every time.  

Season 2 of Lovesick only contains 8 half hour episodes, and with the first season being so short, this is an incredibly easy binge watch, and I can't recommend it enough. From the writing, acting and direction, Lovesick accomplishes what every Hollywood Romantic Comedy tries to be. Let's just hope it doesn't take another two years for a new season of this phenomenal show. 

All images are courtesy of Netflix