Unravel Review

If Yarny doesn't become EA's official mascot, they'll have missed a huge opportunity. Unravel is one of the cutest games I've ever seen, but the story of Unravel is anything but cute. It may have been an intentional move to make the character you play as as cute as possible, because the story this game tells is depressing. 

Yarny is, pretty obviously, made of yarn. He/she/it goes through the story in a series of photographs, each depicting a different moment in a woman's life. Each level is a different thing or person that the woman had lost. The goal here is for you and your string of yarn to get all the way through the game, but the further you get away from the things that you love, the more the yarn unravels. As you can imagine from that short explanation, the game can, at times, be incredibly sad. Coldwood (the developers of the title, with EA being the publisher) has crafted a story that is equal parts sad and happy. It's a rare combination that a lot of developers and artists strive to make. At the end of each level, Yarny finds the piece that the woman had lost, and throughout each level you see little mirages of the images she's holding onto so dearly. It's an incredible premise.

The world is simply stunning in Unravel.

The world is simply stunning in Unravel.

The actual game is where it starts to come unraveled (sorry 'bout that...). The gameplay isn't necessarily bad, but it's not good either; it's just somewhat bland. The puzzles in the game go from mind numbingly simple to seemingly impossible and there really isn't any kind of variety. Everything you can do throughout the entire game, you do in the very first level. Of course there are variations on how you do those acts, but it doesn't change the fact that the entire game feels like a Walking Simulator in the form of a platformer.

Mechanics and gameplay aside, Unravel is a fantastic, personal story that everyone can relate to in some form. From the incredible attention to detail that you wander through (the game is simply stunning.) to the music, it's a fantastic game that I wish were more of a game.