Wet - Don't You Review

I first heard Wet  in one of my favorite Indie music playlists (shout out to BIRP!). Deadwater, the first single from the album, immediately hooks you. It's a soft, subtle track that lulls you into a sense of security. And that's the thing with Wet, they aren't trying to blow you away. Instead, the trio from Brooklyn opt for a much more subtly sound, one that is intriguing and beautiful. Kelly Zutrau's voice is incredible, while not unique. She really shines in Deadwater, and the slow burn of "These Days" is a must hear.

They're the kind of band that is fantastic to put on while driving or studying for a test. It's a shame that the album as a whole isn't as great as the stand-out tracks. Of the 11 tracks on "Don't You", there are 4 that are truly fantastic. This being their first LP I can only see them getting better, experimenting with their sound and truly utilizing what makes them great.


3 and a half out 5