Blink-182 New Single "Bored To Death" and Album Announcement

UPDATE: The official tracklist has been released as well. You can check that out below.


Old Lineup with Tom Delonge (pictured middle)

It's been one of the oddest careers any band has ever gone through. Blink-182's journey to "Pop-Punk" gods, and arguably one of the most influential bands to ever record, has been met with so many road bumps it's incredible they're still making music. Technically speaking, "they're" not. Last year, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker decided to kick Tom Delonge out of the band. It wasn't the first time the band decided to air out their grievances with one another for the entire public to watch, but it seemed Travis and Mark had finally had enough of Tom's arrogance and delusions.

When they initially broke up (WAY back in 2004), Blink fans never thought we'd get new music from the band. They hated each other, and they made that fact known at every opportunity they could. Then, in 2008, Travis Barker was in a plane crash that killed four other people. He and Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein were the only ones to walk away from the crash. Mark and Tom, realizing how stupid their arguments had been, and short life really is, decided to put their differences aside and get Blink-182 back together. It was one of those human moments that make you appreciate family and friendships. They did interviews together, released short clips of the 3 of them goofing around in recording studios like they had in the mid to late 90's. It seemed like the band had actually done what so few people can. We got our first new Blink-182 album since 2003 in 2011 with the promise of more. That was not to happen.

As time went on, it became apparent that what we thought was a harmonious reunion of old friends wasn't so cordial after all. Reports started coming out that Mark and Travis wanted to get back into the studio to record another album, but Tom wasn't cooperating. He was so involved with his other band "Angels and Airwaves" and his book deal, comic deals, essentially anything and everything that wasn't Blink. They became more and more frustrated, and in January of 2015, they had had enough. In an interview with Rolling Stone, weirdness ensued.

New Lineup with Matt Skiba (right)

Mark and Travis released a statement saying that founding member Tom was no longer in the band and that Matt Skiba (formerly of Alkaline Trio) would be replacing him on their upcoming tour. Tom fired back saying "I never quit.." and that he was busy getting things figured out for future Blink news. In the interview with Rolling Stones, Mark and Travis outline what the last few years had been like with Tom.  And it was awkward. Mostly because it was like being in the middle of your best friends while they bicker back and forth. Tom was (and apparently still is) in the wrong. Especially since he still believes he's in the band.

Matt Skiba was formally announced as Tom's replacement and the band went into the studio to make their next album (and first without Tom). And here we are, a new single and a new album coming. And the boys haven't missed a beat. This is Blink-182 at their best. Fantastic guitar riffs, the merciless pounding of Travis Barker behind the drums and Mark Hoppus' unmistakable voice. I did find it odd that the first single they released didn't prominently feature Matt Skiba, but it's a fantastic track nonetheless.


Bored To Death is the first track from the upcoming album California, and if it's any indication of what the album will sound like, Blink-182 fans are in for a treat. In typical Blink-182 fashion, the album went through multiple ideas for its title. The album was originally going to be titles No Future but they decided that title sounded too negative. But my favorite possible title was OBGYN Kenobi. I REALLY wish they would've gone with that title instead.

California will be released on July 1st, which is incidentally the 182nd day of the year. Get excited people. After 5 years, we're finally going to get a new Blink-182 album.


UPDATE: Here's the official Tracklist for the forthcoming album California.

1. Cynical
2. Bored To Death
3. She's Out of Her Mind
4. Los Angeles
5. Sober
6. Built This Pool
7. No Future
8. Home Is Such A Lonely Place
9. Kings of the Weekend
10. Teenage Satellites
11. Left Alone
12. ExplicitRabbitHole
13. San Diego
14. The Only Thing That Matters
15. California
16. Brohemian Rhapsody

16 tracks... I couldn't be happier (unlike some of those track titles, sheesh).