Day Wave - Hard To Read EP Review

Pretty fantastic way to start!

I first heard Day Wave in the latter half of 2015 with their debut EP Head Case, and I was instantly blown away. Consisting of one person, Jackson Phillips, with an accompanying Live Band when he tours, Day Wave is a fantastic mix of Indie Rock/Pop and the dreamy, ever increasing in popularity, Dreampop. While I absolutely hate the name, Dreampop is an incredibly apt way to describe Day Wave. Each track on the 5 song EP Hard To Read has so many layers that it would be fairly difficult to isolate and make sense of them, but they all fit together so well to form this dream like sound. 

Tracks like Gone use subtle humming and crooning in the background to accentuate Jackson's vocals. It's one of the faster paced songs on the EP, but that in no way means its some sort of grand rock anthem. It's still a slow moving, guitar and vocal driven track, and it's beautiful.

But no track perfectly personifies Day Wave's incredible sound quite like stand-out track You does. It's a slow, intricately intimate song that feels as if it sways back and forth. It's beautiful, but that's to be expected. This whole EP, and all of Day Wave's small catalogue to this point is beautiful. Jackson Phillips is onto something with the songs he's released so far. With each release he's finding and connecting with more and more people. I'd be shocked if he didn't turn into a Sufjan Stevens type. An artist who's infinitely talented and has a massive following, but is still somehow overlooked by most people.

Pick up (or download, "picking up" records is becoming an increasingly rare thing to do) this EP, get in your car, roll the windows down and blast this album as loud as you can. It's a small sample size, but this will be many peoples Summer Soundtrack. Here's to hoping we get a full length release from Day Wave at some point this year.