Quilt - Plaza Review

It's been said that modern music is nothing but phases, drifting in and out of popularity. While there's definitely some truth to that, there are also bands who are trying to distance themselves from that. And in most cases, they're doing that by going back to the "Golden Age" of music. That's who Quilt are, a band who are so incredibly influenced by the pop music of the '60's that they've tailored their sound to fit. And it fits like a glove. 

Anna Fox Rochinski, Shane Butler, Kevin Lareau, and John Andrews all sing on the record, but it's Anna's unique vocals that truly solidify this band. She has a sort of dreamy quality that makes listening to each record feel original. And that's a tough thing to do, to sound original, for a band that so unabashedly "steals" their sound from a different time. While there's no single track from Plaza that has immediate hooks like "Arctic Shark" from their previous record Quilt, this record feels more like a complete album. Each track feels like it belongs, like it has a flow to it that Quilt couldn't quite manage.

"Eliot St." and "Hissing My Plea"  are two stand outs. They perfectly showcase what is so special about this band. It's the ability to make Psychedelic Pop music appeal to an audience that may had never ventured into the genre before.

"Eliot St." features Shane's signature "apathetic" sound, which sounds like an insult, but it's most definitely not. It perfectly captures the sound and feel of some of the great bands from the era they've so eloquently captured. While Anna sings on most of the other tracks, "Hissing My Plea" is by far the best of her tracks. The song shows her incredibly range very well and is one of catchiest tracks on the record. It may be the only song on the record that sounds like it could fit on the radio. 

Quilt is a special band, one that isn't getting enough love, and Plaza is their best record to date. If you haven't checked these guys out yet, absolutely do it!